Weightlifting Scoreboards

Complete competition weightlifting scoreboards including main display, lifter time display and judges and timekeepers panels.

All backed by over 40 years’ experience and Blue Vanes enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

Made in Australia

We no longer build full weightlifting scoreboards. We offer a compact portable system which works in conjunction with a TV screen and computer software system by an international weightlifting expert. This system includes the judge controllers, judge light indicator box and a tripod mounted “down” indicator.

Please contact us for further information about this system.

Quality you can count on

Our scoreboards are designed and built in our Ringwood factory, and we stand by our quality and reliability with a genuine warranty covering all component and manufacturing faults.


Designed and built to be easily installed without the need for technical resources, in most cases your local maintenance staff can install our boards.

Blue Vane also offer installation within the Melbourne area as well as Australia wide installation by our competent technicians.


Reliable and easy servicing.   Our scoreboards not only have  proven longevity,. but with our signature control panels also built right here in Australia, the maintenance on our products is minimal.

All our scoreboard feature easy opening doors and plug-in circuitry which can easily be repaired or replaced eliminating the need for expensive on-going service contracts.


Blue Vane are Australia’s largest scoreboard manufacturer and delivery Australia wide as well as internationally.

Our boards are built to withstand Australia’s often harsh conditions and include high grade rust resistant casings.

We also manufacture stadium time clocks with heavy gauge poly carbonate front panels, designed to resist ball strikes.

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Blue Vane Scoreboards
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