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Australia’s largest range of indoor and outdoor electronic scoreboards.
Our scoreboards combine state-of-the-art design with best engineering practise and high-grade materials to deliver outstanding longevity and reliability.

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From high level scoreboards with detailed player statistics, timers and clocks, to multi-sport models and compact portable scoreboards, Blue Vane have an extensive range of indoor and outdoor scoreboards to suit your needs.

Blue Vane Scoreboards

Each scoreboard large or small is assembled and tested built right here in Australia by experienced, professional technicians. We can also custom build a scoreboard to your specific requirements.

Setting the benchmark

Our scoreboards are designed and built in our Ringwood factory, and we stand by our quality and reliability with a genuine warranty covering all component and manufacturing faults.


Blue Vane have been manufacturing electronic scoring systems and race timers since 1972 and are Australia’s largest manufacturer with many thousands in service.

Our scoreboards combine state-of-the-art design together with best engineering practice and high-quality materials to produce a product which is an asset to your venue.

All Blue Vane scoreboards come with a 2 year guarantee.


Particular attention is given to the digital displays which in most models feature multiple rows of LEDs as the active medium.

These have a brilliant appearance and enable easy viewing from a distance and over wide angle. They have the additional advantage of great longevity yet are extremely energy efficient, requiring relatively little operating power. Unlike light bulbs, which are still used by some manufacturers, LEDs are unbreakable and are unaffected by mechanical shock.


Blue Vane are renowned for there easy to use, robust control panels featuring press buttons and switches rather than potentially troublesome ‘touch pads’.

With superior crystal quartz timers, microprocessor controls and heavy duty leads that are easily stowed.

We also offer optional radio control systems that are compact yet have an operating range of well over 100 metres.  Signals are coded to avoid interference from cell-phones etc and several such controllers can be used in the same venue on adjacent courts.

Convenient and cost effective solutions


Our scoreboards not only have proven longevity, but with our signature control panels also built right here in Australia, the maintenance on our products is minimal.

All our scoreboard feature easy opening doors and plug-in circuitry which can easily be repaired or replaced eliminating the need for expensive on-going service contracts.


Designed and built to be easily installed without the need for technical resources, in most cases your local maintenance staff can install our boards.

Blue Vane also offer installation within the Melbourne area as well as Australia wide installation by our competent technicians.


Blue Vane are Australia’s largest scoreboard manufacturer and delivery Australia wide as well as internationally.

Our boards are built to withstand Australia’s often harsh conditions and include high grade rust resistant casings.

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