Blue Vane Scoreboards is renowned for easy to use, robust, dedicated control panels for score benches. We avoid laptops and tablets wherever possible. This system has been in use around Australia and virtually unchanged for 30 years. Bench officials recognise our equipment and immediately feel at home. Our scoring equipment is designed for reliability and ease of service, even by local technicians.



Our scoreboards are available with three controller options: .

  • Plug in. This option gives the fastest operation and is most suited to scoreboards with shot timers. These control panels feature large toggle switch operation for game timer and shot timer, enabling the operator to keep their eyes on the game at all times.
    • Desktop wireless. This controller is completely wireless and operates from an easily-changeable 9V battery with flat battery indicator. This option is best suited to stadiums where cable and plug damage is common. The timing toggle switches are replaced with press-on/press-off buttons for this system.
  • Handheld wireless controllers. These compact and easy to use controllers are most suited to sports where referee is scoring the game. Shot timers are not available with this system.
  • New for 2017: Our “Phantom Live” controller system is in the prototype stages and is almost ready for release. This rechargeable LI battery controller with LCD readout will provide full wireless communication to all devices in the system.