• Wide viewing angle, ultra-bright green LED digits suitable for viewing in direct sunlight
  • Designed for permanent outdoor installation in all environments
  • Heavy gauge aluminium cabinets
  • Heavy gauge polycarbonate front panels to resist ball strikes
  • Multiple clocks linkable for accurate time
  • Battery-backed time memory
  • Remote control time set controller included
  • Alternating time/temperature option available
  • Available as time of day, temperature, game timer, or any combination of these

150mm Outdoor Clock

Product ID: CU150

  • 150mm high brightness LED digits
  • Double-row LED segments



200mm Outdoor Clock

Product ID: CU200

  • 200mm high brightness LED digits
  • Triple-row LED segments



300mm Outdoor Clock

Product ID: CU300

  • 300mm high brightness LED digits
  • Quad-row LED segments



450mm Outdoor Clock

Product ID: CU450

  • 450mm high brightness LED digits
  • 21 LEDs per pixel for maximum brightness


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