Hockey scoreboards and timers are available in a range of digit sizes and feature Ultra-Bright LED digits and character displays as the active medium.
These displays are controlled from our very reliable, inhouse designed circuitry which is tropic proofed and plug-in for ready changeover if ever needed.

Robust construction features the extensive use of non-ferrous and corrosion proof materials and the displays are protected against ball strikes by tough polycarbonate screens.
Ergonomicly designed, dedicated control panels are simple to use and feature positive-action controls for reliability.


Accurate game timing is essential in high level competition. These timers show a digital count-down or optionally, count-up in minutes and seconds of the remaining game time and sound a loud electronic siren at zero. Smaller models can be supplied in portable format. Available in electromagnetic or LED display formats



Universal outdoor scoreboards feature Ultra-Bright, wide angle LED displays, show the game time remaining as well as the scores up to 99 for two teams. Name racks are provided to receive team name slip cards (cards not supplied)…



Similar to the OS models and featuring ultra-bright LED display, this scoreboard also has 3 (or optionally 4 or 5) alphanumeric characters per team to show an abbreviated team or country name which can be keyed in from the scorer’s control panel. The time of day is also shown.

A time-of-day digital clock is also included and has the optional function of showing the ambient temperature.

Hockey scoreboards australia


OSM scoreboards feature ultra-bright, wide angle LED displays to show game time and scores and include a variable message sign to show team names of public information. These scoreboards can be easily read at a distance even in direct sunlight.

A digital time-of-day clock is an option. This clock is memory backed so as to restore the correct time following switch-off.

Hockey scoreboards in Australia